Roasted Beans

Roasted Beans

Nepal has Coffee? Yes it does. The fact that hardly anyone knows that there is Specialty Coffee in Nepal makes it even more precious.

Even though Nepal has a long tradition of drinking Chiya - this is a spiced Milktea, coffee grows since around 30 years. Many farmers have a few plants around their house but don't know what to do with it really. Not it changes slowly and the knowledge of the value of coffee and how to utilize the red gold is increasing.

We like to give our coffee a story, a face and a connection between farmer and you!

All our beans are 100% organic Arabica, handpicked and hand processed. We source them direct from small cooperatives in Kaski, Ilam, Nuwakot, Kavre and Sindhupalchowk Districts in the Mid-hills in Nepal and work closely with the local farmers, to help to improve their livelihoods. Overall we work with more than 800 farmers families.

All our beans are Single Origin and Specialty! 

Every harvest we make sure our roast profile gets the most flavor out of our beans. For us freshness is key of a good cup. We only roast after receiving an order and deliver immediately.

Depending on the harvests we have different beans available. Please ask us whats in our shelf and we recommend. 

Did u know?

1 cup every day for one year equals 18 coffeetrees

100 coffeetrees equals 1 year education in rural areas in Nepal