Coffee farming and processing is an art. It requires passion, knowledge, commitment and a lot of love. From the moment the seedling is planted to the first sip, a minimum of eleven stages takes place. Join us over the following pages, where we take you through our production process from crop to cup. Coffee’s beans can be traced back to the farmer who plucked it and who gets a fair share of the coffee cake. The vision is, to improve the working and living conditions of the farmers and their families, to improve the quality of the beans from
crop to cup and create a new culture of enjoying coffee in Nepal.

It is the combination of altitude, soil and nurture that gives our coffee its unique taste: almond, pear, chocolate, maple flavors or those citing fresh citrus undertones, we have something for everyone.

Our coffee beans grow at an altitude of 1000 – 1400 m in the mid-hill region of Nepal - how it gained its name, High Altitude Coffee. Alongside the company
of other citrus trees, banana, spice, herb and nut trees as well as bees, our plants grow best basking in a half-shade, doused with 100% organic fertilizers.

We source our beans from small cooperatives and independent farmers located in Kaski, Ilam, Kavre, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk District, where every bean is 100% Arabica - mostly Bourbon with a little Yellow or Red Cattura.

The harvesting season starts end of November and continues until the end of March (the higher the crop, the later the harvest begins). Most of our farmers lovingly tend to a handful of Coffee Plants in their courtyard and when the cherries reach a ripe red, they are harvested and brought to the nearest collection center, (often several hours trekking away).

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